Construction & industry

Temporary surfacing plays an important role in the professional design of your site. With road plates and dragline crane mats, you protect your site and create access routes, work platforms, construction platforms and storage areas to work efficiently and safely.

Keep your employees, site visitors and machinery safe

A stable subsurface will increase the safety on your site. Both for man and machine. With road plates, you can easily create a firm, flat and closed surface which will prevent mud from forming.

Steel road plates
Available in 4 types

Structure your transport and deliveries with temporary access roads

Are you struggling with a hard-to-reach location or a fragile subsurface? With our road plates and dragline crane mats, you can easily create temporary access roads. Lorries, forklifts, cranes and other site traffic can therefore always reach your site safely, without causing ruts or subsidence.

Plastic road plates
Available in 2 types

Build efficient working and construction platforms

Organise and structure your work so that your site makes faster progress. With road plates, you can easily create temporary working and construction platforms for cranes, containers, office units and storage areas, among other things.

Dragline crane mats
Available in 6 types
Our products
Widely used in construction & industry
Available in 4 types
Available in 2 types
Available in 6 types
"No matter how big or small your event, we draw out an entire infrastructure plan to determine exactly how many plates we need."
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