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A total solution, from planning to installation

RoadPlates.be is much more than a supplier of different types of temporary paving. Thanks to an extensive stock and our own sophisticated logistical organization, we offer flexible total solutions tailored to each project.


Safe and efficient work thanks to flat and clean road plates

Those who want to work professionally need first-class equipment. RoadPlates.be works not only with the best products, we monitor that quality at all times. We take pride in cleaning all road plates and dragline crane mats, delivering them flat, and rolling them if necessary. This way, you can safely and responsibly work with road plates or dragline crane mats in perfect condition.


Fast delivery and installation thanks to a wide range of products and sophisticated logistics

In the construction and event sector, efficiency is the key. RoadPlates.be moves quickly and sets your project into motion. Thanks to our permanent stock and sophisticated logistics organisation, no challenge is too big for us, no matter how complex or extensive your plans may be. You can count on the widest and most diverse range on the market and in-house transport and installation services for fast delivery to any location.


Your point of contact guarantees smooth operations

We do not believe in quick wins, but in long-term partnerships and lasting relationships. As a familyrun business, we are at your service at all times. You can count on a fixed point of contact to whom you can always turn. They will follow your project meticulously until the last plate is removed again. And also in addition, we are always available during working hours, both for questions and for returning or collecting plates.


Our gates are always open

Do you need road plates or dragline crane mats quickly? Or do you have your own van or trailer? Then you can easily collect them yourself in Temse. As such, you will also save on transport costs. Let us know what you need exactly, and we will load your transport with our forklifts.

"No matter how big or small your event, we draw out an entire infrastructure plan to determine exactly how many plates we need."
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Ready to take the next step in your project?

RoadPlates.be is much more than a supplier of different types of temporary surfacing. Thanks to an extensive and permanent storage and sophisticated logistics services, we offer total solutions tailored for every project.

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StalenRijplaten.be has of course a heart for the planet. We are making great efforts to minimise and neutralise eventually our ecological footprint completely. This ranges from the transition to clean energy and new ways to reduce our consumption to optimised water management and encouraging climate initiatives and biodiversity.

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