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Road plates and dragline crane mats are not only crucial for a smooth set-up and take-down of your festival or event. They also contribute to safe and efficient circulation. You can create footpaths, driveways, exits and parking spaces in no time without damaging your site.

Temporary car parks and entrances and exits

Improve the mobility at your event. Road plates are perfect for entrances and exits, paved car parks and roadways on fragile subsurfaces. Your site is thus always accessible, not only for visitors, also for your crew, suppliers and the emergency services.

Steel road plates
Available in 4 types

A safe, level floor for your event

The mobility of your visitors is a priority. With road plates, you can easily lay solid and stable floors and pavements. As such, people can move around your site easily and safely, even at peak times. Moreover, this way you help wheelchair users and those with mobility problems.

Road plates can also be used for the structural construction of your event or festival. Think about it: stages, storage areas, backstage set-up, …

Plastic road plates
Available in 2 types

Efficient setting up and dismantling of your festival or event

Building and dismantling an event requires optimal accessibility. With road plates and dragline crane mats, you can create temporary paving, allowing quick access to the project area. In order to work even more efficiently, it is even possible to bridge ditches and canals.

Dragline crane mats
Available in 6 types
Our products
Widely used for events & festivals
Available in 4 types
Available in 2 types
Available in 6 types
"No matter how big or small your event, we draw out an entire infrastructure plan to determine exactly how many plates we need."
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