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Longstanding cornerstone of your construction project or event

RoadPlates.be is a leading supplier of steel and plastic road plates and dragline crane mats in Belgium. Thanks to a large and continuous stock and excellent logistics services, we have become an indispensable partner for the construction, industry and event sector.


A family business where a close, long-term relationship with customers is key

RoadPlates.be is a family-run business, based in Temse and active in Belgium and surrounding countries. We work for companies, small and large contractors, event organisers and industry. At the heart of it all is the pursuit of close, long-term customer relationships. However much we grow, our family spirit will always remain at the heart of our business.


We lay the foundations of an accessible, functional and safe construction site

The construction and event industry continues to innovate and professionalise at a breakneck pace. RoadPlates.be is rooted in this increased professionalisation. Structure, efficiency and safety are more important today than ever. Requirements that literally start with the basics. Temporary surfacing is crucial for the protection of your site, the accessibility of your workplace and the safety of your people and machinery. RoadPlates.be therefore provides a total solution: the largest stock of road plates and dragline crane mats in the country, combined with thorough advice and outstanding logistics support. Not only can you rent or buy road plates for any type of surface or application, our experts deliver and install them on your site with specially equipped crane trailers. The result: your site never has to wait, productivity increases and safety risks decrease.


A total solution, from planning to installation

Advice and support from dedicated agents
Consistently flat and clean driving plates
Flexible delivery and installation services
Large stock and high-quality materials
Get your career moving
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Driver C/E Tractor-crane semi-trailer
Our 4x4 tractors and crane trailers are used to deliver and place our road plates from Temse to various construction sites and events throughout Belgium. We provide internal training to learn how to work with the remote control of the tractor as well as the truck-mounted crane, you must have a C/E driving license.
Forklift driver
You are/will become proficient with a forklift to transport and handle road plates internally on our premises for loading/unloading, repair, storage or cleaning. In addition, you will cooperate in maintaining our workplace and work equipment as needed. After internal training, you will work permanently from 8-17h at our Temse site.
You will be responsible for the simple maintenance of our work equipment such as the driving plates and rolling stock as well as the buildings and grounds. Being handy with a forklift truck is an advantage as we use it to move a lot of things around internally. After internal training, you will work from 8am to 5pm at our Temse site.
Open application
Would you like to be part of our team? We are always looking for motivated talent with a passion for construction. From administrative and logistics staff to warehouse workers and craftsmen who deliver and install our products. Don't hesitate, forward your cover letter and resume and you'll hear from us asap!
Our manifesto

We only work with products of the highest quality. Moreover, steel road plates are cleaned and if necessary rolled as standard, so you can work safely with flat, clean materials.


The strictest requirements apply in construction. Through thorough advice, a wide range of top products and excellent logistics, we help you work to the highest standards.


We are a family business in the broadest sense of the term. Every project revolves around teamwork. Between our employees, but also with customers and partners. Everyone is part of our story.


Our planet is crying out for help. We continuously invest in environmentally conscious applications and technologies. This ranges from solar panels, green roofs and a mega-battery to ecological plate cleaning techniques.

StalenRijplaten.be has of course a heart for the planet. We are making great efforts to minimise and neutralise eventually our ecological footprint completely. This ranges from the transition to clean energy and new ways to reduce our consumption to optimised water management and encouraging climate initiatives and biodiversity.

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We are paving the way to
a sustainable future