Rent or buy?

Why rent or buy road plates or dragline crane mats?

In construction and event setup, road plates and/or dragline crane mats are almost always needed. The big question is whether to rent or buy them. Most contractors and event builders rent as a function of their project, although a limited in-house supply always comes in handy.

Why rent?

Not every road plate is suitable for every surface or load. If you rent, you are sure of the best solution for your situation. Still doubts about the suitable material? Then our experts will be happy to help.

With, you choose quality. We clean and roll every used steel road plate. You can count on flat and clean plates as standard, so you can work efficiently and professionally. has the largest stock in Belgium. We always have road plates and dragline crane mats in stock and link fast and punctual delivery and placement services to it. That way, your site never has to wait and you remain operational at all times.

Why buy?

Anyone who builds professionally will need road plates on a regular basis. Having your own basic stock is handy then. Is there a smaller project on the schedule? Then just use your own stock.

Do you have a standard stock, but still need more road plates? Then simply rent them extra. Our stock is never exhausted. You can pick them up at our depot, or we can deliver them directly to your yard.

You can have your road plates personalized with your company name, initials or logo. Or have the end side painted in a color. This way your material is recognizable, less likely to get lost and better protected against theft.


Our experts provide consultation and guidance

Uncertain which road plate is best for you? Or would like more info on availability and delivery? Give us a call. That way, you will immediately know how much stock is left and how quickly the plates can reach you.

"No matter how big or small your event, we draw out an entire infrastructure plan to determine exactly how many plates we need."
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Ready to take the next step in your project? is much more than a supplier of different types of temporary surfacing. Thanks to an extensive and permanent storage and sophisticated logistics services, we offer total solutions tailored for every project.

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